Sunday, June 15, 2008

To Dad...

Happy Father's Day to the person who:

Taught me how to eat differently from other kids and to love the strangest food (homemade lassi, turkish delights, mueslix and wheat germ, chapati, raw nuts and dried fruit, kimchi, pate... It gets weirder).

Spent time with me poring over The World Atlas and National Geographic while making a commentary based on his own travels, planting the seeds of curiousity about other cultures and the world in general.

Encouraged me to paint and make me believe, even for a while, that I had enough talent to become a real artist when I grew up.

Provided the soundtrack of the first half of my life by always playing music around the house, car, wherever and singing spontaneously at any given moment if the music was catchy. I am the same way today.

Had an insane love for reading that bordered on obsessive.... but also liked to discuss what he learned in books and read in newspapers and magazines with whoever cared to listen. Debates welcome, just don't get into women priests and homosexuals without expecting blood vessels to start popping.

Always liked to observe random non-human things -- passing scenery, cloud shapes, plants and insects, photographs, colors, mirages after the rain. It taught me how me how to pass time creatively and allow my mind to wander.

Didn't care about "stuff", unless it was odd gadgets and anything to do with music and photography. You guys still remember the Bamix??

Never talked too much, but in many ways, shaped my personality more than anyone else.


Marie said...

The Bamix!!! Wahaha!!!

Margaret said...

OMG, I had exactly the same reaction as Marie: "The Bamix!!! Wahahaha!"

Hahahahahaha! ROFL!