Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

SOS = SO Sad

Someone save me from my life, please. Margie, you need to call me sometime soon, this is a sounding board alert... LBP, nice to hear about Cat but not nice to hear about your arm. What's the latest? Let's meet up on Skype, I don't have the energy to trek to the Vonage.

Marie, desperately need something to look forward to. Our birthdays are around the corner and I cannot be quiet on those days. My last two birthdays have been traumatic, so I really really really need to plan this out. 8/19 will be two years to the date of the diagnosis, that's a tuesday. You are sunday, Im wednesday. Let me know if you have any plans or want to do something together. If not, I may have to ask my friends to get me out of Manila...

Guys, this will be my first birthday alone and Im not looking forward to it. It's a daily fight to keep my chin up, but I already know that my birthday and thereabouts will be an especially difficult time to handle.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Working Nine to Five....

... Thats the way to make a living!

It's Week Two at KKC, Inc. and so far, Mother has neither fired me, not have I quit. In fact, Miguel has also hired me to be Dad's assistant, so it looks like I'm really immersed once again.

I am also helping Sarge Lacuesta with the publication of Lolo Gil's coffee table book, his biography. I'm reading the first draft now and the chapter on Lolo Gonzalo is fascinating. I will be helping Sarge stay on track with the publication timetable of Anvil because the launch will be on September 1, 2008 at The Manila Polo Club. At one point, I will also help Sarge collect text, stories and quotes from family for sidebars....

I can see how being involved in this book and its launch will give me some insight on the Puyat family that I never got to know. Just listening to Sarge and Dad and Miguel talk about the lives of our Lolos and other relatives, sharing touching and funny family "legends" and anecdotes.... it makes me realize that I have been completely deprived of one whole chunk of my family history.

It has always been a source of embarassment that I don't know many of my cousins and relatives, and when asked, I just explain it away with a vague reference to the Family War. Now perhaps is my chance to reconnect?

If getting to know this side of my family is a side effect of going back to work full-time with Dad and Miguel, then I will consider it part of my job to learn as much about the family as I can. Looks like it could be interesting actually... We'll see.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Okay, no one is allowed to make fun of my mug shots, I'm not the one responsible! Just thought I'd post a few of my Yummy pages that are uploaded on Flickr anyway. I was hoping they would upload this month's Myra's Picadillo Soup which I wrote and submitted in memory of Cyril, but the Art Director didn't pick my page. Or, it may be too early to post since it is a current issue available in stores.

Anyway, will scan all my pages one day and archive them here. If you see all my pages together, you'll notice that they repeated old photos when they ran out while I was away in the US. Really, I think the Art Director doesnt like me.

May 2008 Cover
The middle photo at the bottom is mine!
Spinach and Kesong Puti Parcels

Mango Jubilee

Superior Congee - Oo na, I know my pose is weird, so please be quiet.

Hong Kong Article

Spicy Tuna Marinara - Got good feeback from readers with this recipe :)

Btw, how do I create links to the pages? Like on email, I thought that once you type it, it will be recognized and become an active link. Please help this ignorant newbie blogger.