Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my movie life

Okay, I'm officially confused.
Plus, I'm so cranky. PMS?

Time to crack out my special coping tools. Or just imagine all the people in this world who are more confused and crankier than I am. I must be a recurring character in a ridiculous Cohen brothers movie... downgraded from The Matrix where people actually had a choice between red and blue.

Talking to X helps to a degree, but how can X really contribute to the solution when X is part of the problem?

Maybe I should trawl though Facebook photos 'til the sun rises -- skip the S for one night and see what happens.

Or hey, maybe I can double the S and just put myself out of my misery for half a day. I'll wake up with a funny feeling, I'm sure. Very Groundhog Day. Anyone ever see the original french (?) short movie that the movie was based on? No happy Bill Murray ending there. The poor man kept waking up standing in the middle of a traffic intersection holding his briefcase. It drove him crazy, to the point that he killed himself. Screen goes black. Then fades into him standing in the traffic intersection once again. I still have NIGHTMARES about this....

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