Friday, July 18, 2008

SOS = SO Sad

Someone save me from my life, please. Margie, you need to call me sometime soon, this is a sounding board alert... LBP, nice to hear about Cat but not nice to hear about your arm. What's the latest? Let's meet up on Skype, I don't have the energy to trek to the Vonage.

Marie, desperately need something to look forward to. Our birthdays are around the corner and I cannot be quiet on those days. My last two birthdays have been traumatic, so I really really really need to plan this out. 8/19 will be two years to the date of the diagnosis, that's a tuesday. You are sunday, Im wednesday. Let me know if you have any plans or want to do something together. If not, I may have to ask my friends to get me out of Manila...

Guys, this will be my first birthday alone and Im not looking forward to it. It's a daily fight to keep my chin up, but I already know that my birthday and thereabouts will be an especially difficult time to handle.


Marie said...

Meg (the new mother!) gave me an idea... why don't we have a joint party with a Mamma Mia theme? Have you seen the movie ba? :)

LBP said...

Merry Window, do you use Yahoo IM? If not, I'll create a Skype account. Always thinking about you, my dear.-L