Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Okay, no one is allowed to make fun of my mug shots, I'm not the one responsible! Just thought I'd post a few of my Yummy pages that are uploaded on Flickr anyway. I was hoping they would upload this month's Myra's Picadillo Soup which I wrote and submitted in memory of Cyril, but the Art Director didn't pick my page. Or, it may be too early to post since it is a current issue available in stores.

Anyway, will scan all my pages one day and archive them here. If you see all my pages together, you'll notice that they repeated old photos when they ran out while I was away in the US. Really, I think the Art Director doesnt like me.

May 2008 Cover
The middle photo at the bottom is mine!
Spinach and Kesong Puti Parcels

Mango Jubilee

Superior Congee - Oo na, I know my pose is weird, so please be quiet.

Hong Kong Article

Spicy Tuna Marinara - Got good feeback from readers with this recipe :)

Btw, how do I create links to the pages? Like on email, I thought that once you type it, it will be recognized and become an active link. Please help this ignorant newbie blogger.

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Marie said...

Re: making the links active...

1) While editing the post, select the text or image that you want to make into a link
2) Click on the link icon in the post editor (the one of a globe with a link in front of it)
3) Enter the URL that you would want the text or image to link to