Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I love my Cebuana nieces and am so happy to see them for the holidays :) I love both Anica and Justine, but little three-year-old Nessie has somehow become the star of the three sisters. That girl talks with music in her voice, a tilt to her head and a twinkle in her eyes!

My pantry is now full of danggit, dilis, pusit and mangga c/o the Sarmientos. Feel only a tinge of guilt that I did not partake of the freshly-roasted lechon they brought, but I was honestly STILL FULL from all the food from yesterday's Pampanga day trip -- sisig barbecue, manggang hilaw, dirty ice cream, halo-halo and the upak dinner at Binondo.

If I plan to start the new year with a positive feeling, I should go on a 2-day starvation diet and lose the bulging tummy. I felt fit enough when I ran today (and played tug-of-war in the garden!), but hate the look of my bulging tummy... So not hawt.

I need to look better to feel better about myself, then maybe I will have the confidence to know my worth, make changes and stick with my resolutions.