Thursday, March 12, 2009

foul language warning:


I try every single day to work hard, provide for the kids, be able to support a normal lifestyle... I don't overspend, I watch my money, I try to plan activities that are fun but don't cost a lot...I have pride that I've been able to create a financial plan that just might work, that I could be debt-free one day soon, that I live within my means... I SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!...because even if all I was left with was debt, my husband also taught me how to make money... It's been a challenging last couple of months, with a big portion of my salary from other work not coming in because the company is not doing well in this crisis.. In other words, I've been dipping into savings...and I've been worrying about tuition.... but at the back of my mind, I knew I had some emergency money tucked away...

Problem now is, that extra money, in US dollars, hidden in a secret drawer, literally tucked away.... WAS STOLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus Effin Christ, can't a girl get a break here??????? Hello? Is anyone up there listening to me????????

Gee, thanks for leaving behind a thousand dollars, how kind of you to leave some money behind... tuition has just disappeared into thin air, just like my labandera who never came home from her day off...

Sure, we're not talking about a lot of money here, but to me, someone who hasn't been a single mother for a year yet, that was extra important rightnow. I don't give a shit how poor anyone is, this is the savings I have worked hard to preserve, to give me room to breathe every month, always knowing that I had something tucked away (literally) for emergencies.

I've vented already, now all I can think is, when, when, WHEN will things start to get better for me? Because dammit, the punches just haven't stopped coming and I'm tired of it all.

Hate the thought that I may have to ask for help, which is something I REALLY REALLY wanted to avoid. Still have to renew my dollar health insurance, which is especially impt because of Margaret's recent cancer diagnosis. Forget any grand vacations this summer. I realize other people have bigger problems, but I need to vent before I can accept the fact that I've been forced to take two steps back.


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