Thursday, July 30, 2009

Putting two and two together...

I had a lightbulb moment tonight, the oddest thing... I think I have been mistaken as a Facebook stalker!!! hahahaha

That should explain a few things. What helped put it all together? Bits and pieces of a convo I overheard months ago, the overall timing of things, learning about a new app called stalkercheck, then another convo with a common friend tonight.

Hey, admittedly, there are some profiles I like to check way more often than others, but isn't Facebook supposed to be anonymous? We can secretly voyeur with glee? Apparently some geek has created an app that eliminates the comfortable feeling of Facebook... We might as well all go back to Friendster.

Would you be creeped out if you found out that I was checking your profile more than once a day? What if I'm just curious?? Or bored? I'm not calling. Or texting. Or emailing. Or IMing...

Fine, I am a Facebook stalker. Whatever.

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