Saturday, July 18, 2009


I've been absent. AWOL. Cocooning.

This week has been a test of sorts, and I believe I earned a passing grade. I think the issue with X is finally over, my reaction to Y has finally turned from a self-esteem issue to "what was I thinking??", and I have stripped my head of ideas re Z.

A new opportunity came my way, some sort of cosmic reward for emptying my head? Did I make space for something that was there all along?

I'm keeping an eye on myself though, just to make sure things don't turn manic. I don't want to be extreme because I don't like how it feels when it swings back down. I'm looking for a steady center.

It helps that I'm feeling less sick, less foggy. I can concentrate now. I will concentrate on work for the time being, as I strive to find my steady center. I will!

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