Friday, November 20, 2009

A Song For My Soul

Maybe the best song John Mayer has written yet. The words hit the center of my soul.

War of my Life

Come out Angels. Come out Ghosts
Come out Darkness. Bring everyone you know.

I'm not running. I'm not scared.
I am waiting and well prepared.

I'm in the war of my life,
At the door of my life.
Out of time and there's nowhere to run away.

I've got a hammer, and a heart of glass.
I got to know right now which walls to smash.

I got a pocket. Got no pill.
If fear hasn't killed me yet then nothing will.

All the suffering, and all the pain
Never liked to label.

I'm in the war of my life,
At the core of my life.
I've got no choice but to fight 'til it's done.

No more suffering.
No more pain.
Never again.

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