Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Filipino Network

So... the first official Goat Meeting took over four hours, with Dr. L, accomplished veterinarian, immunologist, teacher, San Miguel consultant, former scholar of Lolo Gil, former head vet for the Puyat farms and fraternity brother of my Dad, taking the lead.

We didn't just talk about goats. We talked about hogs, chickens, rotation planting, San Miguel feeds, cooperatives, livelihood programs, fake vet meds (45%!!), the history of the Puyat family as farmers and growers, agri-inventions, organic food, mango farms and all sorts of things that entertained me so much I forgot I was burning with a fever. What a fantastic resource person Dr. L is.

A second Goat Meeting was unwittingly convened today at Chili's over a pitcher or two of margaritas. I met up with friends for drinks and as we proceeded to catch up, I mentioned my goat ideas. J turned to me and said "M, we have a goat farm in Quezon! Same imported breed plus hybrids, and too many already for our livelihood program. Let's go, bring the kids and spend a weekend!" We spent the next thirty minutes talking goat.

Another coincidence tonight... My Indian friend V and I figured out that we both worked for Batesville Caskets at the same time. Me as GM of the local distributor, and he as a supplier of parts to the Indiana company. In other words, he was manufacturing parts in Manila and sending them to Indiana, then the fully assembled caskets were being sent back for me to sell. He says, why doesn't Loyola have their own brand? I'll produce for you. We talked caskets while the rest kept drinking.

The fourth person in the group was T, and as we were leaving, he heard me mention laser tag at Market Market for Maxi's birthday celebration. "Hey, I know the owners! You need a discount? Sure, I'll ask."

Don't you just love how everyone is connected?


Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, those goats better be able to dance and sing. And maybe help with my makeup!

Otherwise Beyonce just don't hang with goats y'all.

Princess B

Merry Widow said...

Princess B, you are my Top Goat :) MWAUH!!! Gotta go look for some size 10 stilettos...

Jay Poblador said...

hey myra,
i was just reading your blog.
my brother raises goats (among other livestock) in batangas. did you pursue this?