Saturday, January 24, 2009


I did it again.

Stupid, stupid girl who never learns her lesson.

I'm better than this.

Where is a kick in the ass when I need one?

Time to unleash my arsenal of coping mechanisms.

Let's hope I don't gain five pounds in five days.

Instead, I wish to emerge from this with clarity and strength of will.

I miss my old life, my old problems, and my old way of thinking.

This new sh*t is so much tougher.


Anonymous said...

Oops, you did it again? Honey, Britney and I were chillin' a few days back at my baby Jay Z's BMM (that's Big Mother da da da Mansion but Princess B don't use uncouth language)and you know, she hit on me. That girl is one crazy southern ho! (Princess B ain't into that sort of thing cause ya know the bible says its wrong and my sis Britney has just got to got got got to get her behind back to bible class) Now I love my girl Britney but you know she needs to step in line. All this Oops she did it again. Like Oops she's down to her skimpies by the third song of a set? Honey, she's a gay man and its a tragedy - she wants to be a gay man and all the gay men want to be Britney!

But you know sometimes Britney needs a kick in the ass! And occasionally I give her one. You know, just cause I'm a Diva don't mean I don't struggle with my weight too. I'm putting it on and putting it off all the time. That's why I dance! Am I gonna have to come to Manila and kick your ass and get y'all down to the dance floor? (Hey, what part of LA is Manila in? I don't know this neigbhourhood but it sounds urban and funky, like Princess B)

There's always clarity after rain honey (I don't do metaphors ever since I discovered they ain't vitamin supplements).

The new sh*t is tougher! But sometimes you just gotta fly solo and tell them I AM Destiny's Child.

But Princess B wants to put her arms around you and give you a big hug and wishes she could chill with ya this afternoon and watch the sun go down.

But that can't be so I'm just going to say I think there are angels looking out for both of us.

All right - be good. Or I'll have to come and kick your ass!

The Princess B

Merry Widow said...

Princess B, you are insane.