Monday, May 18, 2009

Train Wreck

She saw it coming, a mile away from where she stood, a shiny, new train on a collision course with disaster. It was the shrill sound of screeching metal that first made her look to the west.

She stood immobile. Fascinated by the exhilarating speed of a train that lost it's power to stop. She glanced down the track and saw the parked train at the station. Bells shrieked, people were yelling.

That moment before impact was like a pause - the force of the moment sucked in sound, then spewed it out as the world exploded with a force that rocked her body from paralysis. She stumbled backward and stepped on the flowers she had just replanted this morning. A split-second thought crossed her mind, "Oh, what a waste."

She regained her balance with a shaky breath and looked towards the smoke and fire. How does something like this happen? Why couldn't the driver stop? Why did she have to be witness?

She turned away and wished she was anywhere else but here.

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