Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Alright To Be Angry

I'm angry about a lot of stuff, but I'm too tired to do anything about it. Maybe I'm not angry enough? The feeling of defeat is a stronger emotion these days.

Interesting read:
The Anger Advantage: The Surprising Benefits of Anger and How It Can Change a Woman's Life
by Deborah Cox, Karin H. Bruckner, Sally Stabb

What is the advantage of expressing your anger? Conventional wisdom dictates that angry reactions are natural but not especially healthy. But in fact, expressing anger has many health and lifestyle benefits for women, as psychologists Deborah Cox and Sally Stabb, along with psychotherapist Karin Bruckner discovered over their seven years of research. Learning how to recognize your anger and reap all of the benfits it can bring make The Anger Advantage an essential guide for women everywhere who face challenges at work, at home, as a friend, wife and mother.

From a counseling website:
"Anger has value. Have you ever noticed that, when you're angry, you can accomplish a lot? You can become like a tornado, cleaning the entire house from top to bottom without feeling much exertion. You can tap into an 'I'll show them!' attitude, completing a goal or project with relative ease.

"Anger is energy, nothing more and nothing less. That anger likes to convince you that it needs a target - someone to blame for its existence. That's not true. When you own your angry energy, you withdraw accusation and blame toward another. Thus anger becomes a dynamic force for good in your life.

"How do you own your anger? Start by accepting it instead of resisting it. Don't judge it. Allow yourself to feel it and be with it. Embrace the discomfort of its energy. From this perspective of acceptance, your anger burns hot and fast, transforming into a creative power within you. It sparks change and new ideas; it opens up a path for forward movement in your life. It puts you in touch with your passion.

"From the place of acceptance, you let go of fear. You then have no agenda attached to the anger, and it can no longer destroy and consume you. Like the sun, the transformative power of anger emits energy that revitalizes you, changes you, and connects you to your life purpose, your true power. Let it be!"

And even more comments online:
"Anger, a complex emotion fueled by complex causes, need not be devastating. Like a volatile chemical, it can be used safely and effectively to our own advantage. First, however, we must admit to having angry feelings and understand what sparks them.

"Many of us have been taught that unless we have something nice to say, we shouldn't say anything at all. We have been intimidated into believing that displays of anger are unprofessional. That is true for uncontrolled displays.

" The advantages of anger is that it serves as a warning light that something is wrong. We may then proceed negatively or positively. Taking the negative route through revenge or intimidation is self-destructive.

" Blaming others for your anger is easy but counterproductive. Doing so denies you the power to control your own emotions and the opportunity to use them to your advantage. Acknowledge your anger and take responsibility for it! Consider appropriate options and committing yourself to courses of action that will lead to positive results."

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