Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Facebook and The Dinner Club

Yes, I am on Facebook... and I haven't left since I opened my account three days ago.

I was told that the initial excitement and obssesion will fade after a week, so Im hoping that I won't be tied to my computer over the coming weekend. There are some people who I can't believe I'm now in contact with... wow.

To offset this another-reason-to-sit-my-ass-in-front-of-the-computer-all-night, I have agreed to join a Dinner Club. The core is a group of gym rats who all know eachoher from working out at Makati Shangri-La (I didn't dare ask abouot the gay-man-in-the-showers ambush stories I've heard about that place... yet!) and our first dinner was at La Vigne beside Santi's on Yakal st.

The food I had was actually pretty bad, and I wouldn't go back there to eat. My "French Onion Soup" was watery and bland, and topped with makunat bread melted with.... drumroll.... QUICKMELT. Que horror. And the Mango Jubilee was nowhere near as good as what I make at home (where are the flames??). I won't even get into how small the serving was. I looked at everyone else's food and wasn't tempted to have a taste. The wine? I didn't pay attention. My bad.

To save the night, the company was actually quite good. But I realized soon enough that instead of being entertained, I was the one entertaining -- with stories I never realized I had so many of! I have never considered myself well-traveled, but I guess I have done a bit more than what's typical. I have Cyril to thank for that.

The bright light ahead is that this group of yuppies (early 40's?) seems to have itchy feet. I was invited to join their trip up North later this month, but I think I'd like to get to know the group a little more before I commit to several days with them. If they all pass my personality tests and minimum humor requirements, maybe I will let them in on a few of my own travel secrets :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for informing us. We will advise our chef about it.

La Vigne Bistro