Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rick Astley!!!

Yes, I was there. LOLOL. Heartfelt thanks to Ces for dragging my sorry ass to this concert and making me laugh SO HARD.... at myself for knowing all the lyrics pala, at the side-splitting Rick and Dick finale, and at all the other people in the venue who completely forgot who they were and reduced themselves to a screaming mass of fanatics. What a trip :D

Rick and Dick:

How It All Came To Be:

I have my own short videos of the concert, will find a way to post them soonest. Unless of course, Ces was true to her word and posted it on You Tube. Let me check under "myra astley", haha


Marie said...


Margaret said...

What?! Rick Astley is ALIVE?

Merry Widow said...

Yes, he is alive and kicking and still a cutie pie! LOL.

I will find a way to post my dance sample video, nakakahiya. But it was a trip guys, I flash-backed to my first soiree in the basement of Dasma, dancing with Dave Escalona to She Wants To Dance With Me (or was that I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney?). Oh, whatever...