Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bikram, anyone?

I surprised myself by being able to complete my first bikram yoga class without looking like a moron. The solid atmosphere of heat, the river of sweat pouring off my head and the intensity of holding the poses was truly something else, but I did well with balance and flexibility. Guess my pilates stretching here at home has some real benefit...

Our instrtuctor Christine said I did very well for a first-timer, but when I mentioned that the last 30 minutes suddenly became very difficult, she said it's because we had begun to do a group of difficult poses that opened up your throat and chest, the two centers of your emotions. She said it isn't uncommon that doing these poses would "unlock" the things you've been keeping inside, and that you would have physical symptoms like light-headedness and dizzyness. I didn't tell her how difficult the past year had been, but I will try to pay attention to my moods and feelings as I do bikram more often. Dra. Ignacio will be happy to hear I've tried yoga; she's been suggesting it for years. If there is an improvement in my mental state, maybe I can justify the cost of the classes!

One thing is for sure though: my post-nasal drip has been activated and I've had a dull headache for hours since the class. Is this part of the toxins-release that's supposed to be a desired side effect of bikram? I'll tomorrow when Ken, Vivian and I go back for more torture.

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