Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dengue and Our Depleted Blood Banks

B, get well soon! Dengue is a tough sickness and I hope it hasn't hit you too hard. I wish I could give blood but no one ever wants mine because...

... I have a tattoo (though in extreme cases and if enough time has passed, it is possible)
... I am too light (my weight is right at the minimum)
... I am taking prescription medication
... and AB blood isn't in high demand (I'm AB+, B is A+)

Whenever we needed blood for tranfusions at St. Luke's, we got it through the text brigade, and I've always thought it was a sad sign that blood banks aren't full enough that families have to scrounge around for blood when it's needed badly. An empty blood bank is also the reason why so many treatments cannot be attempted here, treatments that need to have extensive blood support.

I know there are many people like me who would give blood if they could, and if there was an easier way. Whatever happened to having an honest-to-goodness blood drive? In the US there are mobile blood banks that go around the country collecting in different communities. Doesn't Red Cross do this here in the Philippines?

I think the blood supplies are especially low now because it is dengue season, so to anyone who is willing to donate blood, whatever type, try going to or calling your nearest hospital. Go through the motions and just maybe you can lessen a family's stress by one, life-giving pint.

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